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Talking Dictionary36. All Aboard The LIRR (1)


36. "Max, I've found a cheaper way to get to JFK," said Dave. "You don't have to take a taxi. A taxi will cost you $50 plus tip. You can take the LIRR for only $6. It's only 20 minutes. You'll be there before you know it." Max was visiting New York City from Germany. "What's the LIRR?" he asked. Dave said it was the Long Island Rail Road. He said all Max had to do was take the train from Penn Station to Jamaica Station. He could then transfer to the Air Train. It would take him to his terminal. The Air Train was only $5. Max liked that idea. "That saves me about $40," he said. "Plus the tip," Dave added. Dave escorted Max to Penn Station. Max bought a ticket to Jamaica Station. The train was on Track 13. It was scheduled to leave in just one minute. 2.2


36. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.