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Talking Dictionary35. Those Loud Commercials


35. The TV volume suddenly rose. It was a commercial. He grabbed the TV remote. He quickly lowered the volume to #7. A while later, a new commercial break started. The volume went up to #12 by itself. He lowered it back to #7. He watched TV every night. He had to turn the volume down about 20 times a night. He talked to his friends and family. They all said they had the same problem with TV volume. They all hated it. They all thought nothing could be done about it. He thought differently. He called his cable company. It said to call the networks. He called a network. It said to call his congressman. He called his congressman. The aide said to call the FCC. He called the Federal Communications Commission. A woman answered. She said the FCC had no control over TV volume. She didn't think anyone did. 3.2


35. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.