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Talking Dictionary31. Who Cares About Germs?


31. She brought home a salad and a large pizza. She put them on the table. Her husband asked if he could join her. She was surprised, but she said of course. They started eating. "This is delicious," he said. He was wolfing the pizza down. "Sometimes I don't understand you. You're such a germophobe," she said. "You know that some restaurant workers don't bother to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Some don't wash their hands after they pick their nose. A worker might have used his dirty hands to make this food. Or he might have used his dirty plastic gloves. He might have sneezed on the cheese. He might have coughed on the carrots. He might have picked the pepperoni off the floor. You are eating all those germs. Don't you care?" He said, "Of course I care. But sometimes I don't when it smells so good!" 2.0


31. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.