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Talking Dictionary30. A Black TV Screen


30. She called up the cable company. The cable representative asked how he could help her. She said she didn't have a picture. The TV screen was black, except for two words in big white letters: Please Wait. She said, "'Please Wait' for what? What am I waiting for? I've been waiting for 30 minutes. I'm still waiting!" He said that the TV was trying to fix itself. "Can't it fix itself any faster?" she asked. He said he could help her fix it faster. "Unplug your cable box," he said. She did. "Now plug it back in," he said. She did. Moments later, she said, "It works! My TV works! That was too easy. So why did my TV screen say Please Wait? Why didn't it say Unplug Your Cable Box and Plug It Back In? Thank you. Now I know what to do next time. I certainly won't wait!" 1.1


30. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.