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Talking Dictionary27. A Baffling Sculpture (1)


27. He took the No. 1 train to Columbia University. He explored the campus. There were many sculptures. The sculpture at Greene Hall was massive. The sculpture was about 10 yards high and wide. It sat on top of the entranceway roof. The roof was about 12 feet high. The top of the sculpture was higher than the fourth floor of the building. But what was it a sculpture of? He wasn't sure. He could see four legs and a horse's head. The horse's mouth was wide open. He could see a hand next to the horse's head. But where were an arm and a body? He could see other stuff that he did not recognize. So, it was a horse and a human—maybe. If the artist wanted people to wonder, he had done a good job. A plaque might explain this thing. He looked, but he couldn't find one. 2.3


27. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.