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Talking Dictionary26. I Can't Stop My Car!


26. Toyota was in the national news. It was recalling a million cars. It wanted to check all their brakes. Jack was driving his new Toyota. He dialed 911. "Help! My brakes don't work!" he said. He told the dispatcher where he was. The dispatcher called the highway patrol. A highway patrolman pulled in front of Jack's car. He slowed down until Jack's front bumper touched his rear bumper. He carefully braked. Both cars slowly stopped. Jack got out of his car. He hugged the patrolman. A TV news helicopter was filming everything. Jack was on the national TV news. "It was terrible," he said. "I almost died. Of course, I'm going to sue Toyota." Toyota examined Jack's car. It said nothing was wrong with the brakes. A newspaper reported that Jack was $700,000 in debt. He had missed his last two car payments. "Something's fishy here," said the newspaper reporter. 4.1


26. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.