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Talking Dictionary25. A Note From The Teacher


25. "Mommy, look at my paper," said Sandra. "My teacher wrote me a note." Her mom looked at the paper. It was a math test. At the top it said, "50%—You're such a loser." Her mom screamed. She said, "Did Mr. Brown write this note? How dare he? I'm calling your school right now." She went into the living room. Sandra heard her mom yelling on the phone. A little later, she came back into the kitchen. "Don't pay attention to that note, honey. Just because you fail a test doesn't make you a loser. You're a winner, honey. You're the best little girl in all the world. Don't worry about your score. Your daddy and I got 50% on many tests in school. We're not losers, and neither are you. But you know who is a loser? Mr. Brown is a loser. Because he's going to lose his job!" 1.8


25. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.