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Talking Dictionary19. A Fast Breakfast


19. She was in a hurry. She wanted something fast for breakfast. He told her to have milk and cereal. She said that milk upset her stomach. "Don't you know that by now?" she asked. He said there was soybean milk in the refrigerator. "What kind of cereal do we have?" she asked. He told her they had Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat. "Yuck!" she said. "Don't we have anything tasty?" He said that a spoonful of sugar would make the cereal taste better. "But sugar might raise my cholesterol," she said. He said that sugar doesn't raise cholesterol—meat does. "If you really want to lower your cholesterol, you should stop eating meat," he said. She said she loved meat. She would never stop eating meat. Meat was much more important to her than her cholesterol level. "If someone invented steak cereal, I'd eat three bowls a day!" she said. 3.3


19. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.