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Talking Dictionary17. J‐Lo At Macy's


17. Jennifer Lopez was appearing at Macy's. A live band was playing outside Macy's. Jennifer was Dave's favorite actress. He had told his wife that many times. Macy's was across the street. "I'm going to see what all the music is about," he said. His wife said, "Oh no, you're not. I know where you're going. You're going to meet your girlfriend." Is she crazy, he wondered. He was almost 60 years old, but she worried that he was still "looking." Because "you have a history," she always told him. But he wasn't looking. A girlfriend would destroy his marriage. Nothing was more important to him than his marriage. "How many times have I said that you are my only girlfriend?" he said. "Even if Jennifer asked me to marry her, I would say no." His wife said, "That's what you tell me. But that's not what you would tell her." 3.3


17. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.