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Talking Dictionary15. Everyone Just Stood There


15. Drew was standing near the pharmacy counter in the drugstore on 33rd Street. Two men approached. The short, stocky man was swearing loudly. He told the male employee, "You better not call the police. Do you live around here? I better not see you on the street." "Are you threatening me?" the employee asked. Five other customers were near Drew. Three other employees were also nearby. No one said a word. Everyone watched and listened. "I didn't steal nothing. You call the cops, and I'll fight every one of them. You think I won't?" the young man said. "Sign here, please," the employee said. The man signed a form. He broke the pen in two. He said, "You're a punk," and walked away. That was a violent guy, Drew thought. He might have attacked the employee. Why didn't I call the police, he wondered. Why did I just stand here? 2.4


15. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.