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Talking Dictionary13. Step Down (2)


13. Doug and Sandra walked away from the desk. "Boy, she wasn't very polite," Doug said. "She didn't say 'Good morning.' She didn't say 'Have a nice day.' What did she write on the paper?" The woman had written a phone number on the paper. "I thought we were going to get an appointment," Doug said. Sandra was upset. "Well, we didn't get an appointment, did we? You had to correct her English, didn't you? You upset her. So, she didn't give me an appointment with a doctor. Now I have to wait until Monday before I can make an appointment." Doug said, "Of course I corrected her. She was speaking incorrect English. Who ever heard of 'step down' when there are no steps? I tried to make her a better speaker. I tried to get her to speak correct English." Sandra said, "What's more important—her English, or my appointment?" 2.7


13. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.