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Talking Dictionary12. Step Down (1)


12. The couple stood in line at Bellevue Hospital. They were on the fourth floor. They were first in line. Three workers sat behind the main desk. One of them, a slim woman, said, "Step down." Doug and Sandra looked at each other. Step down? There was no step. The floor was completely flat. The only steps were in the stairwell beside the elevator. The woman repeated herself. She looked right at them. They pointed to themselves. She nodded. They stepped forward. "Did you say 'step down'?" Doug asked. She nodded. Sandra gave her a piece of paper. "There are no steps," Doug said. "You should say 'step forward.' No one understands 'step down.'" The woman wrote a phone number on the piece of paper. She said, "Call this number on Monday." She gave the paper back to Sandra. She looked at the people next in line. "Step down," she said. 1.5


12. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.