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Talking Dictionary11. A Laptop Problem (2)


11. "It's coming along," said Byron. "Your files are a real mess. I've spent 3.5 hours on your computer, but I haven't retrieved everything." "Excuse me?" Bill said. "What do you mean, 3.5 hours!? How much money is that? That's $375!" Byron said, "Well, actually, it's $437.50." "$437.50!?" said Bill. "Is this a joke? I can buy a brand new computer for $437.50! You're pulling my leg, right? We agreed to one hour. Then you were supposed to call me. Why didn't you call me?" "It was late at night," Byron said. "I didn't want to wake you. Look, it sounds like you're upset. I'll take you off the clock right now. I'll retrieve all your files, but just charge you for the first 3.5 hours. I still have about two hours to go. You'll be getting those two hours for free. That'll save you $250! How's that for a deal?" 2.7


11. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.