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Talking Dictionary10. A Laptop Problem (1)


10. Bill's laptop stopped working. He looked in the phone book under Computer Repair. He called a repair place near his apartment. Byron answered the phone. Bill said, "My laptop has crashed. Can you retrieve the files? If so, how much will it cost?" Byron said, "I charge $125 an hour. I can probably retrieve the files in an hour. If I can't, I will call you." The conversation lasted a few more minutes. Bill was impressed. Byron was very polite. He seemed friendly. He seemed trustworthy. A little later, Bill took his computer to Byron's office. Byron's wife was his secretary. She was very friendly. All three talked about Bill's computer, the weather, the Yankees, and the "good old days." They're a really nice couple, Bill thought as he left Byron's office. I think I have two new friends. The next morning, Bill called Byron. "How's it going?" Bill asked. 2.9


10. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.