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Talking Dictionary9. A Walk On The Brooklyn Bridge (4)


9. The man looked at John. "Sit, sit," he repeated. John smiled. He waved goodbye to the man. Maybe I should buy a few drawings on my way back, he thought. Maybe that old man will be famous some day. Maybe my drawings will be worth millions. He could see the Statue of Liberty. It looked so small. There were many ships and boats on the river. Some boats were full of tourists. They were going to the Statue of Liberty. They were circling Manhattan Island. John reached the first of the two towers. He looked up. It said "1875" on the tower. Vendors were selling T‐shirts, CDs, food, and drinks. People were taking pictures and reading plaques. John admired the tower. He admired the view. Half an hour later, he started walking toward the second tower. What a pleasant time he was having! What a pleasant time everyone was having! 2.4


9. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.