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Talking Dictionary7. A Walk On The Brooklyn Bridge (2)


7. The pedestrian path and the bike path gradually rose above the cars. John looked down at the cars. He was walking east, toward Brooklyn. The eastbound cars below were moving quickly. But the westbound cars, coming into NYC, were creeping along. There was a traffic jam. John was walking faster than those cars were moving. He was happy to be walking east instead of driving west. A nice breeze made his walk pleasant. He walked past people taking pictures. They were taking pictures of the bridge. They were taking pictures of the East River. They were taking pictures of buildings. They were taking pictures of one another. A woman asked John to take a picture of her and her boyfriend. Or was he her husband? He took their picture. They thanked him. He continued walking uphill. An old man was sitting next to the handrail. He was drawing the bridge. 3.2


7. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.