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Talking Dictionary5. Cat And Dog Discuss Humans


5. The cat and the dog were talking. The cat said, "Humans treat us better than you. If we turn up our nose at the cat food they serve us, they buy us another brand. If we're sleepy, we can sleep on the pillows in their bed." The dog said, "But humans take us out for walks. They throw Frisbees for us to catch. They put us in their tub and give us baths." The cat said, "They don't take us for walks because there's a litter box in the house. If we want to catch something, we catch birds or mice. They don't give us baths because we clean ourselves. And one more thing—they respect our independence. They don't put a chain on our neck and a leash on the chain." The dog said, "I'd rather have a leash than have their kids pulling my tail all the time." 2.5


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