Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type your answer in the box. (If you need help, click on "Hint.") Click on "Enter." Click on "Check" to check your answer.
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1. She brushes her teeth in the ___.
4. He uses ___ and water to clean the bathtub.
5. Everybody ___s food and water.
7. He spits into the bathroom ___.
8. He ___s sugar on top of the cereal.
9. An egg is ___ and white inside.
11. He ___s the towel and dries his hands.
12. Brides usually wear ___ wedding gowns. Grooms usually wear black tuxedos.


2. She ___s her mouth after she brushes her teeth.
3. A ___ soaks up ten times its weight in water.
6. A ___ sink needs cleaning.
8. He ___s the tub with cleanser and water.
10. She ___s the sponge before she uses it.