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68. The next morning, she opened her door at 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, and 8:30. There was no Sunday Times. At 8:30 she called the 800 number. The rep said he would order a redelivery. At 12:30, she called the 800 number. The rep who answered said, "You know, there's a note here that says that you have a 'locked lobby door.' That means they can't get inside your building. So the delivery is not to your apartment door; it's to the area right outside your lobby."

She said, "You mean they left the paper downstairs, and all this time I've been looking for it outside my apartment door? Why didn't someone tell me that in the first place? I'll go downstairs and check."

The paper wasn't downstairs. She went back to her apartment and called the 800 number. The rep said he would give her credit for the day's paper.

She said, "You know what? The Times is now oh for four for a trial subscription. Why in the world would I pay full price for a regular subscription? I'd be calling you every week about missing or stolen papers. Just cancel my trial subscription, please. If I want to read the Times, I'll go to the library." 5.0, 208


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