Click to use the Talking Dictionary 65. Spit the Pits, Holler for Dollars


65. The bag of Clementines was cheap. Three pounds for only $4.99. The usual price was two or three dollars more. What's wrong with them, he wondered. Maybe they had seeds. He looked at the label on the bag. It said, "May contain an occasional seed." He could live with that. He bought a bag. Over the next three days, he ate all the Clementines. He'd had to spit out about three seeds.

He went back and bought another bag. Back home, he offered to peel one for his wife. She declined. The first one he ate had at least 30 seeds. His tongue got tired from all the "seed work." He called the 800 number on the label. A friendly woman in Florida answered. He told her about how many seeds he'd just spit out. She apologized. She asked for his address and the cost of the bag. She said she'd send him a check for $4.99. He thanked her.

It's nice to deal with responsible people, he thought. He peeled another Clementine. It didn't contain a single seed. That's odd, he thought. He peeled another one. It didn't contain a single seed either. He told his wife about the seedless Clementines. She said, "You still have time." He asked, "Time for what?" She said, "Time to call them back, and tell them to cancel the check." He said, "No. That'll just complicate things. Besides, who refuses free money?" 2.3, 240


65. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.