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63. Bob walked into the conference room. A representative from the credit union was offering workers a chance to win $500. That sounded good to Bob. When he walked into the room, a young man was sitting down at the big table. When he saw Bob walk in, he grinned and said, "Hey, buddy!"

Bob wasn't anybody's buddy. He said, "Hey, buddy. How you doing, buddy? I came here to win that $500, buddy. Can you help me do that, buddy? Huh, buddy?" Bob was tired of saying "buddy." He hoped that the rep was tired of hearing it.

The rep said, "Sure, buddy. Have a seat. Let me get some information from you." The rep asked, "Your name?"

Bob said, "Buddy."

The rep asked, "And your last name?"

Bob said, "Buddy."

The rep looked at Bob. "Buddy Buddy?!"

Bob said, "Yes, buddy."

The rep typed in "Buddy Buddy." He asked several more questions. Then he asked, "Your mother's maiden name?"

Bob said, "Buddy."

The rep said, "Buddy again? Oh, I get it. You're trying to tell me something. I shouldn't call you 'buddy,' right? That's okay. My bad. What do you want me to call you?"

Bob said, "You're sharp. How about the M word, or the S word?"

The rep stared blankly, then asked, "Second letter?"

Bob said slowly, "M is for Mister, and S is for—"

The rep jumped in. "Sir! Okay, I got it. You're right, sir. Let me type a note to myself: Don't call old guys 'Buddy.'"

Bob said, "Thank you, buddy." 1.7, 258


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