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61. He received an invitation to an interview for a New York City agency job. He'd taken a computerized test for that job about 16 months ago. He went to the agency's website and looked at the job responsibilities.

He groaned. The job involved tons of paperwork. He thought about the pile of statements, receipts, and other papers in his apartment that he hadn't organized in months.

Nevertheless, he decided to go to the interview. He had taken computerized exams for several other New York City agencies. Even though he had passed those exams, he had not received invitations to job interviews yet. He figured he would accept this particular opportunity and see how it played out. But the first chance he got to jump ship to another interview and another job, he would jump.

He went to the interview. Two workers asked him about a dozen questions and marked down how he answered each question. He was in a room where three other applicants were also being asked the same questions by other workers at other tables. Sometimes he was able to listen to other answers. He used a couple of those answers for his own answers.

The final question was, "Why do you want this job?" In truth, of course, he wanted it because he was unemployed and he would take just about any job that he could get. Instead, he said, "My parents would be very proud of me to be an agency employee. Plus, this job would enable me to 'give back' to my community, and it would make my life meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling." He was proud of his response. 7.0, 275


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