Click to use the Talking Dictionary 60. People‐Watching at Sheepshead Bay (2)


60. A little girl in a pink bicycle helmet slowly pedaled by on a pink bike with pink training wheels. Her parents walked behind her. An old couple slowly walked by. The man was using one of those aluminum, adjustable canes. They stopped and sat down on a bench next to Holly. They basked in the sun, not saying a word.

A skinny lady in a red coat walked by. She had a strange gait, as if she had polio or some kind of hip injury. A threesome walked by speaking Russian. They were talking animatedly. Holly didn't speak Russian, but she knew that they were talking negatively about one of their relatives.

A mother pushing an empty stroller with her young daughter walking alongside stopped at the metal railing that bordered the length of the walkway. Mom pulled a bag of sliced bread out of the back of the stroller. She tore up a slice into pieces and started throwing them to the ducks in the water. Her daughter watched and pointed at the ducks. Mom gave her daughter a slice of bread. Her daughter tore off a piece and ate it. Then she resumed pointing at the ducks while munching on their bread.

The old couple got up and resumed their walk, except now they headed back home. They still hadn't said a word to each other. Holly wondered, Are they not speaking because they're in love and words aren't necessary, or are they not speaking because just one word will start an argument? 4.9, 256


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