Click to use the Talking Dictionary 58. Who Pulled the Plug? (2)


58. After half an hour, the 'who' took control of all of America's computers. Every site displayed "General Electricks." Underneath those words was the drawing of a pig on a plate with cash stuffed in its mouth. On the tip of its curly tail was a two‐pronged plug.

Beneath the pig appeared this message, as it was being typed: "America is an electricity pig. Eventually, you're going to poison the whole Earth with the pollution caused by your unrestrained use of coal, nuclear plants, natural gas, and oil to produce electricity. Our Earth will become unlivable. Do you think it's your piggish right to destroy Earth and everyone on it?

"The power outage that America just experienced was only six hours, a mere wake‐up call. I know what your electricity usage in kilowatt hours is daily nationwide. If your usage doesn't go down 10 percent by seven days from now, your next outage will be 24 hours. You've got the brains, America. I'm giving you the motivation—a kick in your big, fat, electrically heated and cooled butt. Every year, I'm going to kick you again. Next year's going to be a 72‐hour kick.

"You have ten years to figure out how to derive 100 percent of your electricity from water, sun, and wind—with no pollution. If you fail, I won't just shut down your power grid—I'll destroy it. You'll go back to living like the First Americans. And the rest of the world's piggish nations will suffer the same fate at the same time. So, all of you, find a solution to end your pollution. Save our Earth, save our selves! I know you can do it. And don't try to find me, or you'll regret it." One minute later, the message disappeared. 6.0, 299


58. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.