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56. "That's how much salt is in one serving, and that's the percentage of salt that one serving contributes to your 100% daily need for salt. Now, look near the top of the box to see how big a 'serving' is."

"One 'serving size' is two tablespoons. Okay, I got it. If I eat two tablespoons of soup, I'll get 33% of my daily need for salt."

"Yes, that's right. But that's only half the story. How many servings are in one container?"

"Let me see. There are 16 servings in one container. I think I understand, Mom. There are two packages in this box. Each package is equal to one container. If I eat a whole package, which I always do because I love chicken noodle soup, I'll eat 8 times 2 tablespoons, or 8 times 33%, or, let me see, about 260% of my daily need for salt. But Mom, that's too much salt! That's enough salt for 2‐1/2 days."

"You're a clever boy! Yes, that's too much salt."

"So, can't we just buy salt‐free chicken noodle soup? That's an easy solution. Problem solved."

"Yes, if we can find it. Many products don't have a salt‐free version. And, the ones that do have a salt‐free version usually charge more than for the salted version."

"That's crazy—it has less salt, but it costs more money?!"

"Yes, it's a crazy world, honey."

"Well, I'll fix that. When I grow up, I'm going to be president, and I promise, there will be cheap, salt‐free chicken noodle soup for everybody, Mom!"

"You're a good boy, Barack." 3.5, 271


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