Click to use the Talking Dictionary 42. Christmas Pineapples for All


42. It was a sunny, cool Christmas Day in Sheepshead Bay. Dom had just gotten off the Q train. He started walking back to his apartment. He approached the fruit and vegetable market at 17th Street and Avenue Z. Outside was a huge stack of pineapples. They were $1.50 each, or two for $2. What a deal, Dom thought.

Then an idea struck him. Why not buy a pineapple for each neighbor in my corner of the building, he thought. He was new in the building. He didn't know a single neighbor. Giving them a pineapple on Christmas Day might generate some communication.

So he bought six pineapples—one for each of his five neighbors, and one for himself. He carried home six plastic bags containing six fresh, delicious Hawaiian pineapples. When he got to his floor, he quietly placed a pineapple in front of each of his neighbors' doors.

He opened his door. He was about to take his pineapple inside and slice it open when he had another thought. If his neighbors saw no pineapple in front of his door, they would assume that he had bought the pineapples. They might be grateful, or they might think that he thought he was a big shot because he had given them a pineapple. Or, they might feel resentful because now they "owed" him a thank you or maybe even a gift in kind.

He decided it was better that his pineapples be anonymous gifts. He left his pineapple just to the side of his door. He'd collect it later. Five hours later, he opened his door. He looked at his neighbors' doors. All the pineapples were gone. He looked down. So was his! 4.5, 284


42. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.