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Talking Dictionary 1. Guest Stories: Welcome, Writers!


1. Hi! September 7, 2021. OOPS. I'm sorry. This Guest Post section is On Hold until further notice. So please ignore the following text. Mike. ... This is a new, trial site, for all of you worldwide, regardless of your age, education, or experience. You've been reading my stories (thank you!). Perhaps you'd like to contribute your own story. Just send me a title and your short story, which can be just about anything you like. TRY to keep it to about 150 words (like my NYC stories), but if you like to or want to write longer stories, that'll probably work, too. If I like it, I'll publish it. At the end of your story, I'll add "© Your Name 2017" if you want. I'll also add your address, email, phone number, etc. IF YOU WANT. If you wish to remain a NonPerson, that's okay too. You can be Mr.Mrs.Ms.Miss 100% Private, or Mr.Mrs.Ms.Miss 100% Public, as you like.

Regardless, you own your story. It's your material and your copyright, but you're allowing me to publish your material for FREE. YOUR SUBMITTAL means that for all time you do not want or expect, and that you refuse to accept, even one penny from me or this site. If someone wants to republish your writing, they have to request permission from you, not me, and you can demand remuneration from them, if you like.

That's it! Write about anything you want; it doesn't have to be a story (but remember, I'll publish only what I like, and I'll keep it on my site as long, or as short, as I like). Send me ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED material only. I'll also put the grade level of your story at the bottom, so others can know what grade level they're reading.

Don't be shy! Even if you don't consider yourself a "writer," just tell your story or share what you're thinking or feeling. (You've got to start somewhere!) This is your free, easy opportunity to share with others worldwide. If you're not sure how to count the number of words in your Word document, click here.

Just email me (NO attachments). I will probably do one recording of each story, also. But even better than my recording, I think, is that if you send me an mp3 of YOUR recording of your own story. I think readers would like to read your original story AND listen to your reciting your story. Does all this sound exciting to you? Let's try it!
Thank you, Mike...August 30, 2016, revised January 29, 2017


1. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.