A. Separable Verbs

You can insert a noun or pronoun after the first word:

For example: "call back"

Noun: Call back John. = OK

Noun: Call John back. = OK

Pronoun: Call him back. = OK

ask in (to invite inside)

ask out (to invite on a date)

back away (to move away)

back down (to move back)

back off (to move back)

break down (to separate into basic parts)

break off (to snap; to cancel)

break in (a baseball glove)

break up (to separate)

bring about (a change)

bring back (the good old days)

bring down (the house)

bring up (the kids)

call back (to return a phone call)

call off (to cancel)

call up (to phone)

check off (to notate)

check out (to investigate)

cheer up (to make happy)

clean off (the countertop)

clean out (the closet)

clean up (the mess)

cross off (to delete)

cross out (to delete)

cross up (to deceive; to trick)

cut back (to diminish)

cut down (to diminish)

cut off (to remove)

cut out (to quit; to excise)

do in (to ruin; to exhaust)

do over (to repeat)

figure out (to solve)

fill in (the blank spaces)

fill out (the application form)

fill up (the tank with gasoline)

finish off (to complete)

get out (the tools)

give back (to return)

give up (to turn over; to surrender)

hand in (your homework)

hand out (the tests to the students)

hand over (all your money)

hang up (your jacket)

keep out (to prevent entry)

keep out of (trouble)

keep up (the good work)

kick out (to remove)

kick out of (to remove)

kill off (all the cockroaches)

leave out (to omit)

let in (to allow entry)

look over (to examine)

look up (a word in the dictionary)

make out (to discern)

make up (to fabricate)

name after (to give the same name to)

name for (to give the same name to)

pass by (to go past without stopping)

pass out (to distribute)

pass over (to hand over)

pay back (the money you borrowed)

pick out (to select)

pick up (the litter; the check)

point out (to show)

point out to (to show)

polish off (to finish)

put away (to remove)

put back (to replace)

put off (to delay)

put on (your shoes)

put out (the dog)

put up (the money)

quiet down (to be quiet)

rip off (to steal; to cheat)

run out (the base hit)

shut down (the assembly line)

shut off (the machine)

shut out (the other team)

shut up (to be quiet)

slow down (to reduce speed)

slow up (to reduce speed)

speed up (to increase speed)

stand up (to intentionally miss an appointment or date with someone)

start up (to start)

take down (to dismantle)

take off (your shoes)

take on (to confront)

take out (the trash)

take over (the organization)

take up (golf)

talk over (to discuss)

tear down (to dismantle)

tear off (a corner of the newspaper)

tear out (a page from your notebook)

tear up (the contract)

throw away (your old socks)

throw out (yesterday?s newspaper)

throw up (the ball)

try on (these shoes - maybe you?ll like them)

try out (this golf club - maybe you?ll like it)

turn down (the offer)

turn in (your homework)

turn off (the lights)

turn on (the lights)

turn out (the lights)

turn up (the volume)

use up (to use completely)

wake up (to awake)

warm up (the car engine)

wear out (to exhaust)

wipe off (the countertop)

wipe out (to annihilate)

write down (this information)

write off (to cancel)

write up (to report someone)