Click to use the Talking Dictionary167. Priest Hijacks a Eulogy (2)


167. Father Dave continued talking for about 30 seconds before Mike interrupted him. "Excuse me, Father. Is that your dad lying in that coffin, or is that my dad?!" Fr. Dave was silent. Mike said, "Thank you!" Mike turned back to face the mourners, and finished his eulogy. He'd been nervous when he started the eulogy, but he was angry when he finished. How dare he, Mike thought, as he sat back down. Fr. Dave concluded the funeral mass without apologizing for his outburst. After a short ceremony at the cemetery, many people went to Mike's parents' house to eat and talk. When Fr. Dave pulled up at the house, Mike was waiting for him. Mike said, "Father, I'd appreciate it if you'd not come in. Your interrupting me today was an insult to our whole family. When mom dies, I promise you, it won't be you saying a mass for her." 5.2


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