Click to use the Talking Dictionary166. Priest Hijacks a Eulogy (1)


166. Mike's mom asked him if he was going to give the eulogy for his dad. "Of course," Mike said. She said, "Well, can you keep it to five minutes? That's what Father Dave asked." Mike said, "Five minutes? For a man who lived 87 years?!" Mike managed to pare the eulogy down to ten minutes. Fifty minutes after the funeral mass had begun, Mike took his place at the lectern near the altar. He began, "Fr. Dave gave me only five minutes to praise Dad. Frankly, it would take me five hours to do him justice." Then, looking at his audience, he began to talk lovingly about his dad. Ten minutes later, as Mike was nearing his finish, he heard the priest, behind Mike and to his left, start talking loudly about Mike's dad. Startled, Mike turned around, looked at Fr. Dave, and listened. What is he doing, Mike wondered. 4.0


166. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.