Click to use the Talking Dictionary163. Dad: It's Just a Stomachache (2)


163. "No food? No water? They're killing him! Tell them to operate now. Let him take a chance on surgery now, rather than suffer through another week without water and food."

"Well, your father's a strong man. He's made it through tougher times, and he'll make it through this."

"Okay, Mom. Let me know as soon as they schedule him for surgery. All we can do meanwhile is wait and hope."

"And pray, of course. I've been praying so much every day."

"Well, God always seems to answer your prayers, but I don't know. You've never prayed for an 87‐year‐old man before. Maybe God is thinking it's time."

"Don't talk like that!"

"I'm sorry, Mom. You say your prayers, and I'll say mine. God will listen to us. We don't want dad to go. Even at 87, it's too soon for him to go." He started to choke up. "Goodbye, Mom." 1.8


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