Click to use the Talking Dictionary162. Dad: It's Just a Stomachache (1)


162. "Mom, what do you mean, dad's still in the hospital? Gall bladder surgery is 20 minutes. He's been there a week now."

"Well, there were complications. When you're 87, there can be complications."

"Of course. What complications?"

"Well, first they removed the gallstones that were causing him such a terrible stomachache. But while they were doing that, he had a myocardial infraction."

"A heart attack? He's never had heart problems!"

"Not till now, anyway. So now they have to wait until they're 100 percent sure his heart is healthy enough to withstand surgery."

"How is he feeling?"

"Well, he's making jokes. He seems to be okay, although he drifts off sometimes. He looks okay, if you ignore the tubes going into him. His cheeks aren't sunken in, even though his diet is Jell‐O, lollipops, and ice. They won't even let him drink water. He's always thirsty, but not very hungry." 4.4


162. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.