Click to use the Talking Dictionary161. Hole in the Face Cancer (2)


161. Not religious, Brad said a little prayer anyway, hoping that God would ignore his hypocrisy. At 5:30 p.m., Dr. Eduard was suturing the raw hole in Brad's face. The day had been completely pain free. The doctor had had to cut into Brad's face three times. The cancer hadn't invaded bone. Throughout the day, Brad had noticed other patients in the waiting room with big, white bandages on their faces. Two patients had bandages on their mouths. Dr. Eduard sutured Brad's face with dissolving stitches and then with regular stitches. He explained the follow‐up care that Brad needed to do and gave him prescriptions for an ointment and for pain. He told Brad to return in a week to get the black, outer stitches removed. Brad thanked God as he walked to the bus stop. I don't deserve it, he thought, but thank You for looking out for me today. 5.7


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