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158. Sheila went to her ear‐nose‐throat doctor. She spent twenty minutes filling out various forms. Why, she wondered, can't all my medical information be in the Cloud? Every time she saw a new doctor, she had to provide the same basic information. The doctor finally saw her. She said, "I can't talk for long periods. My voice gets dry and raspy. I have to suck on lozenges all the time. But the lozenges leave a bad taste in my mouth, and of course they interfere with my enunciation. I'm a teacher. I need to be able to talk. A teacher without a voice is like a doctor without a Mercedes." He said, "Many lozenges contain menthol. Menthol actually dries out your throat. Try non‐menthol lozenges." said, "Non‐menthol? I've never even heard of non‐menthol. Can you name one, please?" He said, "Not offhand. But they're out there. Just Google 'non‐menthol lozenges.'" 4.3


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