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157. Rod opened the NY Times. Maybe now he was good at crossword puzzles. He did the whole puzzle in minutes. It was a breeze. His TV was showing an ad for the MegaMillions and PowerBall lotteries. He had never won even a dollar playing either game. But he "saw" the winning numbers. He bought two tickets. His tickets won. He played the next four games. He won all four. He was worldwide media news. People accused him of cheating. People hated him for stealing "their" winnings. Someone shot and killed him. A spokesman for the Cancer Society angrily told the media, "Rod had donated 95 percent of his winnings to cancer research. He said he wanted to save mankind from cancer." A reporter said, "Why didn't he tell everyone? Then he'd probably still be alive." The spokesman said, "He didn't want to be seen as patting himself on the back." 4.4


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