Click to use the Talking Dictionary 156. Lightning Bolt Enlightens Angler (1)


156. Rod was fishing. It started to rain. That didn't bother him. Then he saw lightning and heard thunder. That did bother him. He decided to pack up. Just then he got a bite. It felt like a big one! This was going to be fun. Whack! Lightning struck Rod. When he came to, he was in a hospital. A doctor said, "Nobody knows how or why you're alive. The boulder you were standing on was split in two, along with the tree next to it. But you don't have a mark on you." Rod wondered what happened to his fish. He got out of the hospital two days later. That evening, he watched "Jeopardy" on TV. He knew each answer, even before Alex announced it. And he knew all the correct questions. He'd never known more than a few correct questions before. I have a mark in me, he mused. 2.2


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