Click to use the Talking Dictionary155. Bed, Bike, or Black Plague? (2)


155. Then, instead of dismissing diseases because they were only for other people, Kevin started worrying about which painful disease was going to end his life. Talking to his brother one day, he said, "You're lucky. You've already had appendicitis." Jason asked, "What's 'lucky' about that?" Kevin said, "You never have to worry about getting it while you're on a cross‐country flight, that's what." Jason said, "But you never fly, so you don't have to worry about it, either." Kevin said, "Yes, but I use the subway every day." Jason said, "Cross‐country?! Just ride the local trains. If you feel deathly ill, get off at the next stop and take a cab to an ER. Just stop worrying about it. They say that worrying about something just makes it happen." Kevin said, "'Worrying makes it happen.' What a great suggestion. Thanks. From now on, I'll just worry about dying in bed!" 4.9


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