Click to use the Talking Dictionary154. Bed, Bike, or Black Plague? (1)


154. Death was not a problem for Kevin—dying was. He wondered what percentage of people actually died while sleeping in bed. According to polls, that's how most people want to go. But few do. He figured, with his luck, he wouldn't be one of the few. That left dying by accident or disease. There were other ways to die, of course, but not as common as those two. He was always careful when crossing the street; he looked both ways even when crossing one‐way streets. That had saved him several times from getting struck by bicyclists. Although killer bicyclists were always on his mind, he crossed off "accident." That left "disease." He used to think that diseases, like getting old and looking old, were for other people. But recently his doctor had told him that he had cellulitis and diverticulosis. He asked, "How? Why?" His doctor had shrugged his shoulders. 4.2


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