Click to use the Talking Dictionary 153. Letter Omits Need for Car (2)


153. Olga said yes. He said the job required a lot of driving. He asked, "Do you have a driver's license?" She said yes. He asked if she was available for an interview the following Wednesday. She said, "Yes, but let me be clear about something first. I have a driver's license, but I don't have a car. Do I need my own car, too?" He said yes. She said, "I don't have one, so I'm out. But let me ask you another question. Why don't they state this requirement on the canvass letter? If I had seen 'personal car required,' I would have checked a No box. Then you wouldn't be wasting our time with this phone call. Doesn't that make sense?" He said, "It certainly does. I don't know why this isn't being done. Let me bring it up at my next meeting. Good luck with your job hunting." 2.2


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