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152. Olga took several computerized tests in downtown Manhattan. The tests cost her $25 to $45 each. A passing score put her on an eligibility list for a city or state job. About 18 months after her first test, an agency sent her a canvass letter. The letter stated her list number. Also, it stated the job title, salary, borough, PT or FT, and shift. The bottom half of the letter contained nine boxes followed by Yes or No and a short, descriptive sentence. She checked the first box. Its sentence said: Yes, I am interested in this position; I can report to work by (date). She mailed the letter back, with her resume. She received letters from other agencies. She responded to each one the same way. Eventually, a supervisor called. He told her his name, agency, and the job title, and asked if she wanted to interview for it. 5.8


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