Click to use the Talking Dictionary151. Fearful Female's Fatal Finger (2)


151. The police searched high and low, but they never found a gun, a shell casing, or a bullet. Nevertheless, she went on trial for murder. Her lawyer said, "Don't worry. They can't prove a thing. Even their eyewitness's testimony is beyond belief." The prosecutor put her on the witness stand. He said, "Please show the jury how you killed the man." She pointed her finger at the prosecutor. Just as she "pulled the trigger," he ducked. The judge and jury laughed. After closing arguments, the jury deliberated for two whole minutes. The jury foreman declared her not guilty. Afterward, her lawyer said, "You know, I believe that you actually did it with your finger. I think the prosecutor does too. There's a lot of strange things in life. So, weren't you worried that you would kill the prosecutor?" She said, "No. My finger only fires when I'm scared to death." 4.7


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