Click to use the Talking Dictionary150. Fearful Female's Fatal Finger (1)


150. Alarmed, she pointed her finger at the approaching man. She pulled her finger as if pulling a trigger. He collapsed. The police and EMS arrived. A paramedic said, "This guy's deader than a doornail. There's a clean hole through his chest. I could drop a pencil through it. I've never seen anything like this." An officer asked her, "What happened?" She said, "He's a bad man. He was going to hurt me. I had to shoot him." The officer searched her and her purse. He asked, "Where is it?" She said, "Where's what?" He said, "Don't play dumb with me. Where's the gun?" She showed him her index finger. She said, "Here it is." A bystander walked up. He said, "Officer, I saw the whole thing. She shot him with her finger." The officer scoffed. Handcuffing her, he said, "I'm arresting you for murder. Don't worry, we'll find the gun." 2.1


150. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.