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149. Tina brought home Barker, a border collie, from an animal shelter on 38th Street in Manhattan. Barker, she soon discovered, had a bad habit. He liked to sniff and paw at her chest. Even after she pushed him away, he kept returning to sniff and paw at her chest. She told her son Owen about Barker. He asked, "Does he paw at friends who come to your apartment?" She said, "No, he doesn't. He only paws at me." Owen said, "Maybe you should see a doctor. I've heard that dogs can detect diseases. Maybe you've got something." She said, "That's crazy." But eventually she visited her doctor. He referred her to a specialist, who found a Stage III malignant tumor in her chest. After Tina's surgery, Barker stopped his pawing. Thinking he might be able to sniff out cancer in children, Tina took Barker to Covenant House on 41st Street. 4.8


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