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146. A five‐week‐old baby died after her brother dropped her. Baby Betty landed on her head. She died in the hospital shortly afterward. Authorities didn't press charges against the children's mother. She had been sleeping when Jimmy, 6, picked up Betty. Jimmy told an investigator, "Sis was crying. Mom was sleeping. I didn't want Sis to wake up Mom. I picked her up. I was going to hug her until she stopped crying. But then she started kicking. She sort of kicked herself out of my arms. But I tried to catch her!" A neighbor said authorities should have charged the mother with child neglect. He said, "She shouldn't have been sleeping. A good mother is an awake mother." Another neighbor said the mother was blameless. She said, "Since when is it a crime to sleep in your own bed? Her poor baby's death was just fate—wrong place, wrong time." 3.2


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