Click to use the Talking Dictionary145. Big Apple, Here We Come!


145. He told his landlady he was moving. He had places to notify. He notified the electric company. He notified the gas company. He notified the post office. He had things to pack. He packed his books. He packed his clothes. He packed his computer. He had things to sell. He sold his refrigerator. He sold his bicycle. He sold his sofa. He had things to donate. He donated his pots and pans. He donated his rods and reels. His neighbor asked, "Where're you moving to?" He said, "New York City. My girlfriend went there last month. She was there for two weeks, and she fell in love with it. When she came back, she said she wanted to move there. I said no way. New York City is too expensive. It's too cold. It's too dangerous. Then she said she was moving there—with or without me. So, we're off!" 2.2


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