Click to use the Talking Dictionary144. NY Prisons: "The Good Life"


144. Prisoners in New York complained constantly about overcrowding. A court ordered the governor to release one‐third of the prisoners. The governor refused. He did not see a problem. Throughout New York, he said, poor people live worse. Poor people have no cars of their own. Prisoners have their own private van service. Poor people have no running water. Prisoners have running water, cold and hot. Poor people have no indoor toilets. Prisoners have indoor toilets. Poor people have no heat in their homes. Prisoners have heat. Poor people have no doctors or dentists. Prisoners have doctors and dentists. Poor people do not have three meals a day. Prisoners have three meals a day. Poor people have to work. Prisoners do not have to work. "Prisoners have a good life," the governor said. "They should stop complaining. Once they are back on the street, they will treasure 'the good old days.'" 4.0


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