Click to use the Talking Dictionary143. Trick‐or‐Treaters Get Tricked


143. It was Halloween night. Asher was Superman. Ava was Batwoman. Each held a goody bag for treats. Mom asked, "What do you say after they give you treats?" They said, "Thank you!" She told them, "Be home by 7 o'clock." They pouted. She said, "Okay, 8 o'clock, but not a minute later. Be careful!" They kissed their mom goodbye. By 7:40, their goody bags were almost full. They headed home. Another trick‐or‐treater joined them. They couldn't figure out his costume. Asher asked, "Who are you supposed to be?" The costumed person said, "I'm The Follower." Asher said, "The Follower? Who's that?" The Follower took off his mask. He grinned and said, "Your mommy, that's who! I followed you to make sure you were safe!" The kids groaned. Asher said, "Of course we're safe. We're not little babies anymore." Mom said, "You'll always be my little babies, like it or not." 2.8


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