Click to use the Talking Dictionary142. A Love Flight, LA to NYC


142. Al's brother drove him to the airport. Al was leaving Los Angeles. He had lived there for 30 years. He got out of the car. He told his brother goodbye. He checked his bag. He went through security. He sat down and waited. They announced his flight. He got in line with 200 other people. He got on the plane. He sat in the very back. He slept all the way to New York. He got off the plane. He got his bag. He took the E train to Penn Station in midtown Manhattan. He walked toward Macy's. He saw the Empire State Building. He went into a large apartment building. He took the elevator. He walked to an apartment. He rang the bell. His wife opened the door. She had moved to New York six months earlier. They kissed. They were together again, together forever. They were so happy. 2.0


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