Click to use the Talking Dictionary 141. Favor for Mom Goes Poorly


141. Meg's mother called. Could Meg pick up a book for her? Meg said sure. She drove to downtown Los Angeles. Her mom's law school was not in the best neighborhood. But Meg did not mind. She had been to the school several times. She arrived at the school. She went to her mom's office. Her mom was a teacher at the school. Meg took the book back to her car. A man was hiding in the back of her car. He put a knife to her throat. He told her to drive to her ATM. When they got there, he told her to withdraw $300. The man walked with her to the ATM. She got the money and gave it to him. He grabbed her purse containing her keys and cell phone. He got into her car. She ran over to the car. She said, "Can I have my book?" 0.8


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