Click to use the Talking Dictionary139. Goooooaaaaal!


139. The soccer game was almost over. Both teams were undefeated. Neither team had scored. A player at midfield kicked the soccer ball. It went up into the air. It came down near the goal. Two players jumped up. One player headed the ball toward the goal. The goalie dived for the ball. But he missed it. The ball went into the net. Goal! The player ran to the net. He picked up the ball. He held the ball up high. The fans stood and cheered. He ran across the field. His teammates caught up to him. They jumped on top of him. They were so happy. His header had won the game. Their team had won the game. The players hugged one another. They were smiling and laughing. The other team walked off the field. The players were silent. One player kicked an unopened plastic water bottle into the stands. 1.5


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